The BC Guidelines
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As of 2017, the BC Guidelines are now available in a free and re-designed mobile app that works even without internet connectivity!


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The BC Guidelines Mobile App is available now for free.
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A feature-rich mobile experience

The new BC Guidelines Mobile App has
a variety of great features for ease of use!

Works Offline

All the guideline content is saved to your phone and
works without WiFi or a mobile internet connection.

Modern user interface

The user interface has been re-designed to be
extremely simple and easy to use.

Reference materials

All appendices and supplemental guideline materials
are included within the app for easy access.

Quick search

Finding a guideline has never been easier with
the quick new browse and search functionality.

Table of contents

Every guideline has a simplified table of contents
which enables you to jump to any section of interest.

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To learn more about the BC Guidelines or to access the guidelines content online in a web-based format, please check out the official BC Guidelines website.